High and dry

The pile of dirty clothes will only get bigger each day. The existence of it there, can cause a sore throat and some sort of headache, one that you can’t rid of, and that has to be taken care of. But what can you do, sometimes – you just can’t get to it.

This is where we come in. You are just a phone call away from having a delivery guy collecting it straight into the washing machine, where it will get washed, ironed and folded in a very short time. Dry clean herzelia Laundry herzelia

Our services:

Dry cleaning – Advanced and meticulous cleaning method, that preserves the items quality, as gentle as it may be. No chemicals included.

Suits care – time is money, therefore our company offers a quick and professional service dedicated to suits. Our experts will make it brand new within few hours.

Carpet cleaning – the enormous size and fabrics make carpets a challenge. For that reason we offer our clients the most professional and advanced carpet cleaning service.

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